Your Swiss Bank

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You have a vision and a Swiss bank probably is one of the tools or functions
which supports you in reaching your goals and expanding your business.

Or perhaps you see the severe disruption the financial industry is currently
experiencing also creating great opportunities and you wish to capture these.

Our task is to understand the functionality you require and to shape your Swiss bank
to best serve your needs.

The skills and experience of our unique team allow us to clearly define the margin
of freedom all regulations, technical feasibility and budget constraints offer.

This allows a constructive and creative, yet solid optimization of the entire project
– getting the most out of it – within a fix and proven budget.

We also master creating the hybrid bank of the future, FINMA licensed and crypto able,
operating out of one of the most trusted financial marketplaces worldwide.


Banks operating in Switzerland
at the end of 2018.


Billion CHF
Managed by Swiss banks in total


Billion CHF foreign assets –
well ahead of Singapore and HK


New crypto banks

The 4 Steps

your tailor-made Swiss bank

Step 1: Understand YOUR Vision

We capture your Vision. We transform your vision into a business model
compliant with the Swiss banking act and FINMA standards.

Step 2: Apply for license to FINMA / create structure

We generate your banking application and setup all relevant structures
(Staff, Core Banking System, IT, Infrastructure, Premises and Providers, etc.).

Step 3: Obtain banking license

After fulfilling all requirements and being audited
you will receive your banking license from FINMA.

Step 4: Start Operations

After the conditions stated in the license are fulfilled, the applicant
becomes a “BANK” by being entered into the commercial registry
as such and is ready to roll out operations.

Concluding all steps, you finally receive the keys for your Swiss bank.
You are ready to onboard your first client.

Including Crypto


We enable your bank for cryptocurrency business, whether we build a new bank for you,
or you already have a bank which needs such upgrading.

FINMA has already issued banking licenses including “cryptocurrency” services and products
– we know which are the requirements of FINMA for such activities.

The strategy we suggest: Create a HYBRID BANK – bridging the FIAT- and Cryptoworld
for your banking clients.

Do so by applying for a “Plain Vanilla” services license, whilst preparing
for an “upgrade” to Cryptofunctions, once the license is granted.

This will save you time and cost.

Your Benefits

Your Swiss bank

  • Trustworthy counterparties accepted worldwide
  • All competences and capacities, banking as well as crypto, are abundant
  • FINMA has taken a lead in allowing regulated crypto businesses
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