FINMA Relations & administrative Procedures


FINMA Relations

We have been focusing on one-stop-shop creation of Swiss banks since 2007.

The team we have built up during these years has app. 40 combined years of experience,
working at FINMA in the Department of Approvals (Banks) / Collective Investment Schemes.

We are not aware of anyone else having such competence and experience.

This means we know from the inside, what FINMA expects.

Filing applications to FINMA which are of sub-optimal quality
(do not meet FINMA’s standards and are not in line with the
applying laws, decrees, guidelines and established practices) will
inevitably lead to long delays and may result in applicant unnecessarily
burning up to millions in running cost and finally projects being aborted.

Our application dossiers have been processed by PWC and FINMA
multiple times within the last years and we can claim having a basic
application dossier which fulfils all requirements. We constantly update
and adapt this dossier to applicable laws and regulations coming into force.

Several of our team members have spent a decade or more, checking such
applications as FINMA employee and have significantly contributed in defining
practices and specifying requirements.

So, we can claim not only knowing FINMA and the requirements as well as
FINMA does, but also to profoundly understand the way FINMA works and
how to avoid losing precious time throughout the application.


As we are building banks, we have an understanding of the functions and
processes of a bank very few bankers or attorneys have.

This allows us to align the processes and to draft a system of internal rules
and regulations which is coherent. It will enable us to integrate all partners
and service providers into our project management.


Our work starts with defining the business model and deriving a business plan.
This is a detailed excel of your bank’s future balance sheet.

Our experience allows us to estimate all cost positions and their dynamics,
thus allowing us to model different scenarios and support you in validating
your business case.

Time Needs

Time needs: Clock starts to tick when you have provided us with all information
and documentation, we require to generate the application which we submit to FINMA.

Once the application is handed in and based on our insight and experience,
we estimate the license to be issued within 9 months

Project Management

With a multi million dollar budget, over 40 providers and authorities to be aligned,
creating a bank requires project management skills and years of hands-on experience.

We have all of this, which enables us to optimize time- and cost needed.

HR – Industry Experience

Within the last years, we have processed over one thousand application dossiers and
have held hundreds of interviews whilst staffing bank positions. We know the market,
the competences, the salary levels and how to best select the team manning your bank.


Profound knowledge of applicable laws and requirements of auditors and FINMA.
And of course, of many other relevant areas of law, such as corporate- contractual-,
construction-, employment-, rental-law, etc.

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