Bank Creation & License

We create your Swiss bank

We build your Swiss Bank

Our company’s primary business and core competency is creating licensed Swiss-based banks.

We suggest first applying for a “plain vanilla license” and add subsequent
modules to this license as soon as operational. This strategy has proven to be
more robust, cheaper and quicker than others.

Each license allows for the specific activities applied for and is, in that sense, unique.
Each license can include all banking services and -products known to the market.

FINMA will, upon request, also include Crypto products and -services in the license,
if the applicant can demonstrate to have systems, procedures and regulations in place
which will be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

We also build Swiss banks which do not offer crypto services of course.

Traditional Swiss Banking

A bank, according to the Banking Act (Article 1a), is a company which is mainly active
in the financial sector and, in particular, commercially accept public deposits or
publicly recommend themselves for such.

To legally offer such services to the public, a company must have a license granted
by the Swiss supervisory authority, the FINMA. Such company may then be registered
as “Bank” into the commercial registry and, under constant supervision of the FINMA,
operate as Bank.


FINMA – the Swiss regulator – grants banking licenses upon request and for the
specific business case and the according services and products provided. The license thus is individual.

Each and every Swiss bank therefore is licensed, however each license is individual,
covers specifically what has been requested – not more, not less.

In Switzerland there is no such thing as “full” or “partial” banking license. Furthermore,
each banking license is modular, in such sense that services, products, affiliations,
etc. can be added to the license by simply notifying the FINMA that all requirements
(e.g. competences, capacities, internal processes & regulations, IT, if necessary additional
equity, etc.) have been provided for.

The FINMA audits such request and, if requirements are met, acknowledges/authorises and
affirms such request and expands the license.

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